Assembling the Lada Granta on IzhAuto begin in August


Production of the Lada Granta will start at the Izhevsk car factory in August this year. At present, we are preparing to build a new assembly line model. By the end of the year for "IzhAuto" plan to release 27,000 copies of "Grants".

This was the general director of "IzhAvto" Alexei Alexeyev during a visit to the car factory head of the republic Alexander Volkov. According to him, in the first quarter of this year was considerably reduced car production in Izhevsk, which is associated with the completion of the recycling program of old cars, as well as termination assembly model Lada-2107. It is the "classic" helped "IzhAuto" cope with a difficult financial situation.

At present, the plant is working on updating the production of stamped body parts, installation of a new complex welding and painting complex modernization, the "Komsomolskaya Pravda". In parallel trained personnel. This set of measures aimed at training company to release a new model Lada Granta. Assembling the car to start in August this year. At the same time the model will be produced and Lada-2104, which still remains on the conveyor.

The head of the republic said that the plant must decide whether to increase staff salaries. According to Alekseev, now it is an average of 17,344 rubles. "Today, it is unacceptable. It is not the worst in the country, but far away and not very good" — described the level of wages in the factory director of the company.

The head of the region promised to employees’ IzhAuto "in the near future to discuss the situation at the plant with the president of" AvtoVAZ "Igor Komarov, and the head of the state company" Russian Technologies "Sergei Chemezov, and then with Vladimir Putin.

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