Astarte is building a complex for the production of biogas

Started last year, construction of biogas production on "Globinsky sugar factory" will be completed by the end of August 2012, in time for the new sugar season. Agricultural holding "Astarte" in the construction of the biogas invetsiroval 20 million euros.

At sugar factories in the production of sugar after sugar beet processing is a lot of beet pulp. From this biomass in a special unit, the construction of which will soon be completed to "Globinsky sugar factory", will be produced biogas, which will replace the supply of natural gas to the plant. Biogas in its structural composition will comprise 50-80% methane and 20-50% of carbon dioxide. Produced from bagasse biogas will be used both on the sugar factory and realized nearby businesses.
This is a pilot for "Astarte" project, in the event of the successful implementation of this project will be replicated on other sugar factories of agricultural holdings that will reduce potrebelnie natural gas by 60%. Agricultural holding "Astarte" in Ukraine has the largest concentration of sugar mills: the holding company consists of eight sugar mills in Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Poltava and Kharkiv regions. Capacity of sugar mills can process daily for more than 33 thousand tons of sugar beet.
Experts estimate the total annual production capacity of biogas production in Ukraine is 40 billion cubic meters of gas, which is converted (purified biogas) on analogue of the natural gas — 22-33 billion cubic meters. In Ukraine, the annual production of just over 20 billion natural gas. And the annual consumption of natural gas is equal to 57-58 billion cubic meters.
Ltd "Astarte-Kiev" — a vertically integrated agro-industrial holding company, a leader of the sugar and agricultural sectors of Ukraine, which unites five regional offices, three of which are located in the Poltava region, one in the Vinnytsia region and one in Khmelnytsky region. ASTARTA principal activities are the production of high quality sugar and related products (molasses and dry granulated pulp), production and distribution of grains and oilseeds, as well as the production of meat and milk. Agricultural Holding owns eight sugar mills, land bank — 240,000 hectares.

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