Astrakhan company Displayir bezekrannogo developer of interactive display.

Astrakhan company "Displayir" resident "Skolkovo" and an IT park, get a million dollars from a group of investors in the implementation of its development — bezekrannogo interactive display, the image on which you can move flick of the wrist.

Displayir — is an air screen. The image is constructed directly on the air — the air flow is projected on to the tiny particles of moisture. Bezekrannye displays developed by several companies in the world, but the Russians in their research and the creation of the instrument progressed furthest and have come close to the creation of industrial production — which explains the interest of investors. "Images" on displayire can touch, you can move the can pierce a finger, while it is destroyed ("streamlined" image — one of the know-how of Russian scientists, something that is not that of foreign competitors).

— We’re going to get no less than eight million dollars for the organization of small industry and develop a network of channel partners, — said Maxim Kamanin. — The investors were not only familiar company, but also major international investment funds and banks. In the meantime, the research team of the company is working to improve the Image improve the stability of air flow and clarity of the image.

It all started a few years ago, when the company’s CEO Maxim Kamanin was still a student.

— My friends and I were sitting, talking, dreaming and trying to provide some specific things, what will be our future — says Maxim. — Then I threw the idea: the screen on the air, but I said, ‘No, that’s impossible. " But the idea did not come out of my head, and I thought about her incarnation. And one day it hit me: watching the trembling air over a candle flame, I realized that I needed to do.

The first prototypes of Maxim did literally "on the knee", at home. He helped his father, relatives supported. Then, when things start to turn out, — in the university laboratory. In 2010, the company was founded, "Displayir." Maxim Kamanin says that its design is unique in the world of nature. In addition to the hot air over the flame, it’s a rainbow and, of course, a mirage. In a sense, making displayir, Maxim has created an artificial mirage. This autumn, the company planned second phase of the investment.




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