Astrakhan shipbuilders launched the research vessels

On Astrakhan ship repair and ship-building factory "Galaxy" a ceremonial launching of two specialized engineering and research vessels, the so-called "cable-laying." They will be used in research studies of the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea.


The agreement on the construction of three ships between the Norwegian-Russian company "Petroleum Geo-Services Khazar" and LLC "Galaxy" was made in the winter of this year, and on March 2 procedure has already taken place bookmarks courts. According to the contract factory "Galaxy" as soon as possible built two ships "turn-key", ie, they are ready for use.
According to the general director of the plant "Galaxy" Rahman Sharifova, building housing the third vessel is also almost complete and will soon go all the ships in the Caspian Sea under its own power. With this order, the Astrakhan ship repair company "Galaxy" has acquired a new status — shipbuilder.

Help: LLC "Galaxy" was created in 2003. Situated in Trusovsky near Astrakhan. The company has its own base for shipbuilding and ship repair, and design institute "Caspian engineering office." Production facilities include a pontoon dock for launching ships of 100 and a width of 20 meters, floating workshops, hull assembly shop, heavy cargo cranes and more more.

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