AstraZeneca began construction of a plant in the Kaluga region and intends to invest in Russia $ 1.2 billion

"AstraZeneca" will open before the end of 2011 in St. Petersburg Center for Bioinformatics and predictive medicine, the press service of the company.
According to the manufacturer, the company over the next five years to invest in the Russian economy $ 1.2 billion

Pharmaceutical company "AstraZeneca" plans to develop in Russia bioinformatics, data analysis methods, software, system software to better predict the safety and efficacy of drugs.
"AstraZeneca" is an international biopharmaceutical company innovation. The global turnover in 2010 amounted to 33.26 billion dollars.

In April of this year, "AstraZeneca" has started construction of a plant in the Kaluga region. Investment in the project will amount to 150 million dollars.

The company also entered into several partnerships with Russian development institutions, including the innovative center "Skolkovo" and the Russian Venture Company.

In 2011, the Russian government is going through soinvestitsii bring into the country up to 50 billion dollars of direct investment. It is planned that the investment will be used not only on the development of innovative projects in the pharmaceutical industry, but also in the energy and gas industry, as well as space exploration.

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