Astronauts see creatures from parallel worlds




Another 10-I2 years ago, our Soviet cosmonauts and American astronauts were assured that with nothing supernatural there they never met. Only in recent years have become closer to the secret quite incredible events that took place in the cosmos …
1985 Space station "Salyut-7" with six astronauts (crew commander Leonid Kizim) has already spent 155 days in orbit. Suddenly a familiar working environment has been broken: the station enveloped in a dense cloud of gas orange light! All six at a time literally blinded by the bright light, and when the vision returned to them, they clearly distinguished the seven figures for the porthole.
The aliens look like humans, but they are different from the gigantic growth and huge wings on his back. Above the head of each emit a golden glow halos. "They vygledeli exactly as we depict angels, — the L.Kizim.
— Celestial people stretched out their hands to us and smiled. " "Angels" was accompanied by the station 10 minutes, and none of the crew members did not raise any fear, not the slightest concern, on the contrary, "our hearts are filled with happiness and joy, I wanted to sing, to laugh, to love everyone," — says Svetlana Savitskaya. A cosmonaut Igor Volk added that when the great celestial beings disappeared, he and his comrades felt a sense of bitter loss.
Message about what they spent on the PMU. When the world got acquainted with him, the high authorities to immediately classify the message. Upon returning home, the crew of "Salyut-1" was isolated, carefully examined by psychologists and medical experts. Making sure that everything is completely healthy, the authorities took from everyone on the non-disclosure seen!
By the way, with "angels" met not only Soviet cosmonauts. About a year and a half ago, the Western press has published a really sensational images taken at different times of the orbital telescope "Hubble". They are clearly distinguishable flying humanoid figure with shining wings. The engineer of the "Hubble" Professor dzh.Pratchettu've seen with my own eyes the angels. He swears that it really was a living creature the size of about twenty meters and a wingspan of not less than that of the modern Airbus.
And it turned out that the angelic beings are not accompanied by a single space flights and U.S. shuttles, the pilots who were also strictly ordered to keep his mouth shut.
Very cautiously reacted to the sensation Catholic Church. "Demons also have wings" — the Pope referred to the Scriptures. However, experts in the esoteric teachings of the phenomena and are convinced that somewhere close to our world, most likely — in space, there is the entrance to the new reality!
Another cosmic phenomenon. December 26, 1994 the same "Hubble" transferred to MCC Greenblatt more than three hundred photographs, which depict … huge white city, floating in space. City, who was a very considerable distance from the Earth is not located on the surface of a celestial body — no, he just swam alone in the black abyss of space.
U.S. official circles as always hid this fact from the public, but it is known that White House officials are extremely serious about to put NASA. According to reputable researchers, the white city exists, and to reach some levels of existence, in a parallel dimension. "It is possible that the map is notorious underworld in which the souls of the dead" — said Dr. Henry Bledmur
Cosmovision (another name is not matched) on parallel worlds, often visited by people, found himself high above the Earth.
The same thing happens with the pilots of aircraft. For example, the so-called the phenomenon of "giant hand". It usually occurs during long flights, the pilot has the feeling that the wheel keeps some invisible hand. A study conducted by the U.S. Air Force, found that 15% of pilots have experienced this effect. Often he is the cause of death of men and machines.
Experts on anomalous phenomena believe that aircraft are often caught in a hole in time and space. This explains the sudden appearance and disappearance of people, aircraft, vehicles, ships and submarines, instant move them over long distances.
British pilot Henry Landon claimed that in 1990, while flying over New York, he was in the … the jungle! He landed in a clearing and a tug was surrounded by evil aggressive Indians showered him with a cloud of arrows and darts. Nearly dying, he climbed into the cab and took the machine into the air. A minute plane Landon was again over New York.
During these years, in the "time loop" twice visited Dutch aviator Kees Voss. The first time he witnessed a dogfight between American and German fighters, it took place during the Second World War, as the German cars were marked Nazi swastikas. When Foss tried to ram the cry "Messer", all gone. Already at the airport, he saw three bullet holes in the side panel of the machine-gun … In early 1994, Foss was flying over the Pacific Ocean, 10 miles off the coast. Looking down, he was taken aback: instead of blue water under the wings stretched emerald valley, where … grazing dinosaurs! Only a few seconds later the vision disappeared: the headphones were swift call sign request the Coast Guard, and the amazing prehistoric world disappeared when the pilot began to speak into the microphone.
In 1996, the French pilot Michel Chardin, who went over the gate, suddenly lost landmark: a military airfield Spanish city of Toledo mysteriously disappeared from the outside in Chardin was forced to sit in an unfamiliar area. There he is, to his surprise and horror, met a procession of people in medieval garb, with torches and weapons — they accompanied to the execution of several women accused of witchcraft. When Chardon addressed to someone with a question in Spanish, it seems to have taken over the devil's in terrible shape (he was wearing a helmet and suit) that was out of hell free witches, and tried to catch it. He barely escaped and fled, firing smoke screen flew into the air.
Something similar happened in September 1999, in Russia, in Gatchina, where it is often observed various anomalies. Disappeared without a trace private propeller aircraft "IL-18", owned by the Moscow businessman. On board was the owner with a few buddies. Two days later, the plane turned up again in the very place where the day before with him dangling bonds. On-board chronometer showed that the plane was in flight, not more than two days, and 04 minutes 2:00. The pilot announced that they were in the storm front. He brought the car from the storm, but the bottom was not familiar to the area at which the tank battle. "Suddenly, a fighter with a red star on the wings came into my tail," Ila "and started firing machine guns — said the pilot, I stole the car to the right and up, pierced the cloud, and again we found ourselves on the Gatchina … "
All of these (and a good hundred) phenomena there is no clear and reasonable explanation. Either we are dealing with the unknown science of the twenty-first century, psychic phenomena, or at specific points in space and actually touch different realities.

     prepared by A. Officers
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