At 201 Russian military base staff exercises conducted by the new modular system

201 servicemen of the Russian military base stationed in Tajikistan, learn the secrets of the combat skills of the new modular system. It looks as follows: During the week one unit of study in the classroom, the second — in the field of tactical and prikazarmennoy material base, third — on the training complex polygons without diverting troops to wear. Every Friday units are swapped conduct classes.

Under the new schedule of at least 50% of classes for fire training and driving military vehicles are held at night.

Command base increased amount of ammunition allocated for training of personnel. In June alone units spent nearly 83.5 thousand rounds of ammunition, including idle — over 14 tys.Po compared to last school year by 10% and increased fuel consumption of fuel and lubricants for military equipment. For a month at the sites already spent 40 tons of gasoline and 230 tons of diesel fuel.

Given the established in the south of Tajikistan hot weather, when the temperature reaches at noon +43 degrees Celsius, for the military command of the increased break time up to 3 hours. The classes, held under the supervision of physicians, stands out more rest breaks troops, and at the sites hosted by enhanced nutrition, drinking water is brought up regularly.

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