At 500 kV UNPG begin pilot implementation USHRT 500

MVAR 180 kV power

OAO "UES FGC SEC" completed work on the production of a prototype managed thyristor valves shunt reactor (USHRT) 500 MVAR 180 kV power, which is the first in the world.

Innovative technical solutions enabled the performance of 0.03 s, which ensures reliable operation USHRT as a line reactor, including a mode switching overhead to idle and in a cycle OAPV.
Controlled shunt reactor is designed to be installed in substations and high voltage power lines of 500 kV for the following functions: smooth fast reactive power control to unload equipment lines and substations of reactive power and reduce losses in them, stabilize the bus voltage substation and improve static dynamic stability of the power system.

Pilot site for the implementation of the development of "STC UES FGC" — USHRT — selected 500 kV Penza-2. Currently, work is underway on the implementation and harmonization of the operating conditions at the node 500 kV Penza-2 and the adjacent network.

Work on the ambitious project of a group of authors conducted JSC "NTC FGC UES" for one and half years.

To date, the project is reviewed and approved by the Technical Council of JSC "FGC UES" USHRT-180000/500 UHL1 recommended for pilot implementation at 500 kV Substation UNEG.

Implementing a plan to create USHRT 500 MVAR 180 kV power thyristor-controlled OAO "UES FGC SEC" has once again confirmed its status of a unique long-term supplier of innovative products and advanced technology for the power industry.

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