At Asha Metallurgical Plant launched a new lime kiln

The construction of the unit and start-up operations at metallurgists took a year. Last week ended with the technological stage ignition furnace, made by experts of the Voronezh LLC runway "News" — a company with considerable experience in the development of technologies and systems for the production of lime. The same company has supplied loading-Dumping equipment for the stove. The general contractor for the project was chosen of "Prokatmontazh" Magnitogorsk company that has taken the necessary work on the building. Part of the required product is produced forces Asha metallurgists in units of the plant. Put into operation the furnace must show itself in the work as one of the best in the Urals. 


 In addition to the know-how of the design used by designers and manufacturers of equipment, high expectations of today’s complex electronic "stuffing" control rooms. According to the press service of the company, its own production of new high-grade lime for steelmaking AMP will reduce the cost of manufactured steel, while reducing energy costs. In today’s unstable market conditions, any reduction in costs have a positive impact on the state of the plant, so the kiln is subject to local strategic. Surplus ready raw material will be used for sales. The stated design capacity of the furnace is 200 tons per day.


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