At BAM laid the first 10 km welded velvet path

July 6. The first 10 kilometers of the "Velvet" path laid on the stretch Severobaik — checkpoint — Nizhneangarsk (Buryatia) forces Vihorevskoy track machine station.

Continuous welded, also known as "velvet" way has a number of technical advantages: it is easier to maintain because no rail fasteners, due to the small number of joints between the rails wheel trains rarely encounter resistance when moving, so there is less wear, and reduced power consumption for traction.
In addition, jointless way easier equipped with automatic locks, reports GlobalSib. For this reason, experts believe that throughout the "Velvet Road" significantly increases the safety of trains.

According to the plan of summer track work, the 24-kilometer first stage on the Baikal-Amur Mainline will be welded: the path of the link on wooden sleepers will be replaced with welded rail whip with a reinforced concrete base. On this stretch there are four capes of the tunnel with a total length of more than 5300 meters. This fact brings some difficulties in laying welded rail, the press service of the East-Siberian Railway. Specialists had to make some adjustment techniques for height, so that it can operate successfully under the arches of the tunnel.

Upon completion of the reconstruction of the speed of passenger trains on this section will increase to 120 kilometers per hour.

Total according to plan summer track work in 2011 at the East-Siberian Railway is scheduled for full reconstruction of 280 kilometers of highway, where, respectively, will be laid jointless way. To date, work performed on highway 45 kilometers.

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