At Borodino the children’s holiday Steadfast Tin Soldier

Military-Historical festival "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" was held at the State Borodino Military History Museum uzhev 16th time. This family event is a kind of gift to pupils and their parents to the end of the school year provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the field of Borodino — the only one of the two Russian memorial to World War II.

Despite the bad weather, more than five million viewers — the delegations of young people and students of patriotic clubs and associations of the Moscow region, members of the Clubs Reenacting came to look at the holiday.

Children along with teachers and parents during the trip made a trip into the past, met with museum exhibitions osmatreli monuments and places connected with the events of the two World War II. At a makeshift bivouac soldiers in 1812 could meet with marching life of Russian and French armies, their uniforms and weapons.

They had the opportunity to try on the uniform Russian infantryman, take a picture with a "soldier of 1812", to try soldier’s porridge, a ride on horseback. In the second half of the day was held at Battery Raevskogo show "Through the smoke flying …", prepared by teams of military and historical reconstruction.

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