At Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant (group Mechel) installed a new gas cleaning system

New BOF gas cleaning plant of Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant, included in the company "Mechel", corresponds to the world standards of environmental safety.
Gas cleaning equipment for the new converter number 2, which has replaced the old treatment plant was designed and manufactured Science and Technology Center "Energostal" (Kharkiv). The exhaust tract converter number 2 includes a boiler-cooler converter gas, high efficiency gas cleaning system, the world’s standards. The introduction of a new gas-cleaning equipment was sent to 380 million rubles.


New gas cleaning system is distinguished by a more efficient cooling of the gas and its best cleaning, the availability of modern, automated process control system.

Gas treatment system of the converter number 2 has two degrees of purification — scrubber, trapping up to 85% of the pollutants and the venturi, which is more profound purification of exhaust gases. Thus, the content of dust per cubic meter of raw gas can reach two hundred grams, and after purification according to the project should be only 0.1 grams per cubic meter. Measurements have been performed after the start number converter 2 with new gas treatment showed that dust emissions not exceeding 0.07 gram per cubic meter, i.e. new gas cleaning system operates with high efficiency.

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