At CMH designed and built railcar assembly AM-3M

Kambarka Engineering Plant (Udmurtia), in cooperation with the Austrian company Palfinger designed and built railcar assembly AM-3M.

When you create a machine widely used modern materials. Masks are made of molded cockpit of hardly fiberglass. Noise and thermal insulation materials do not burn, do not emit toxic gases. All steps have LED backlight. Mounted LED spotlights and flashlights buffer.
The main tasks performed by a railcar:
-Installation, repair and maintenance work on service catenary on electrified railways under the 3000 V;
-Loading and unloading;
-Food wide range of power consumers in the field;
-Delivery teams of workers in the work place;
-Transportation of cargo platforms.

Management crane and platform lift is carried out using the latest version of the system Paltronic. The monitoring and diagnostic parameters of the crane, lifting platforms and hydropower provides the highest level of safety in a variety of jobs. Limited to turn the lifting platform in order to avoid cross-cab, platform and its basket smoothly stop at a distance of 250 mm from the cabin. Limited lift crane knees to avoid the breakdown of the contact network.

The maximum guaranteed stability railcars. Implemented control valve and departure platform in the zone adjacent track. The operator itself defines the working area by turning the key in one of the 3 positions, with the work areas are strictly limited in size cars.

Lifting equipment can be operated by remote radio control with double-encoded signal, as well as using resistant controls on the frame rail cars.

Feature railcar assembly AM-3M production Kambarka machine works is that it is a combined version of the technical equipment, railcars and power module.

Caterpillar power module capacity of 64kW in addition to providing lifting equipment, turning off the main engine, offers the ability to connect a wide range of equipment: relsorezov, shpalopodboynikov, welding machines, etc.



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