At Hase into production of 10 aircraft HAZ-30

Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Company (KSAMC) won the tender of Kharkov University of the Air Force on behalf of I.N.Kozheduba supply of light-twin aircraft for the training of cadets.

This is the general director Anatoly KSAMC Myalitsa, "Novosti Kharkov."

A.Myalitsa noted that the tender is also involved with their planes two firms — a German and an Austrian, but the choice was made in favor of the plane HAZ-30, developed by the design office KSAMC.

According A.Myalitsa, the company manufactured and launched the 10 aircraft HAZ-30. Depending on the demand for aircraft will be a decision on their future production. Type certificate for the aircraft was received two months ago.

HAZ-30 aircraft are already interested potential buyers from Latin America and Europe.

Message is placed in the public domain on the website of GC "Ukrspecexport."

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