At JSC Moscow Shipyard was held in the shipping address of the customer’s cargo-ship A. Kunahovich

July 02, at the JSC "Moscow Shipyard" was held in the shipping address of "Zelenodolsk Design Bureau" cargo-ship project "Volgar", "A. Kunahovich ".

Utility "Volgar" was built by the project of "Zelenodolsk Design Bureau". The vessel was named after his first head and founder of Zelenodolsky Design Bureau AV Kunahovicha.


Cargo-ship "A. Kunahovich "is designed to transport people and also has the ability to modify a cargo ship carrying up to 1,800 tons. High mobility is achieved through a two-shaft propulsion system and the thruster in the bow.

The vessel "A.Kunahovich" installed: Global navigation system designed to locate, vessel speed, and automatic identification system (AIS) — Information about the parameters of the ship, which is in the UHF band is transmitted automatically and continuously with special equipment, as well as radar station.

Cargo-ship "A. Kunahovich "built by the Russian River Register.

Key Features:

RRR class: + ‘On A 0.2 "
Length 32.24 m / 29.9 m at DWL
Width, 5.9 m
Draft 0,7 m
Total displacement of 90 tons
The speed 8 knots.
Range, 310 miles
Endurance, half day.
The crew / passengers, 2 chel/65 people.
Main propulsion: 2GD x 89

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