At JSC NPP plant Iskra (Ulyanovsk region). Launched a hydrogen-oxygen station

"Plant Spark" is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of components for manufacturing enterprises of electronic equipment, computer hardware, communications equipment and special purpose.

Hydrogen-oxygen station was built at the factory under the federal program for the development of the defense industry. The purpose of the construction of the improved quality of oxygen and hydrogen, as well as reducing the cost of their purchase and transportation.

This object consists of two containers, which are located in process equipment manufacture hydrogen and oxygen, as well as automatic fire suppression system; savings and stabilizing gas pressure receivers capacity of 20 m3 and 10 m3, and the system power supply station, the automatic safety system of technological processes of production of hydrogen and oxygen.

Performance of hydrogen-oxygen station is on hydrogen — 8 m3 8 kg/cm2 pressure and oxygen — 4 m3/hr pressure of 8 kg/cm2.

JSC "NPP" Plant Spark "has all the necessary set of technological and manufacturing processes required to implement closed-loop production of semiconductor devices ranging from development to mass production.

Over the past five years, the plant Substantial work on the reconstruction of existing production, purchased large quantities of advanced production equipment, including imported, thereby creating a compact modern manufacturer of electronic products in the following areas:

— manufacture of semiconductor devices (amplifier and power bipolar switching transistors, high-power high-current MOSFET transistors in metal-ceramic insulated housing, transistor optocoupler and triac);

— production of medical electrodes and corona discharge electrodes.

The company is developing steadily, actively takes its place on the complex electronics market.

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