At JSC OKTZ reconstruction began to organize the welding and assembly area.

OJSC "Power Boiler Turbine Plant" is reconstructing parts of the production premises for welding and assembly area.

 The reconstruction of the part of the production facilities of JSC "OKTZ" at the site is planned to organize a new welding and assembly area using modern automatic welding equipment.

On these areas is expected to organize a capacitive output of various products, including those under construction for the Baltic Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1. To be put into commercial operation is scheduled for June 22. The use of new technologies will significantly reduce the production cycle and, as a consequence, to reduce the production cost.

Also of "OKTZ" effect shipment 2 buildings IPA address Smolensk NPP. This product will be installed in the turbine shop in the course of the work on the replacement of equipment.


JSC "Experimental Boiler Turbine Plant" produces ceutilizing serial, typical and non-standard products for thermal and nuclear power, gas and petrochemical industries.

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