At JSC Pella the laying of the keel of the pilot boat

At JSC "Pella" the laying of the keel of the boat pilot project PI-22. The vessel will be built to order "Rosmorport".


  The tug is designed for:

  • delivery and removal of pilots to ships subject to pilotage;
  • pilotage support on navigable waterways;
  • Special personnel transport, passengers, cargo;
  • patrol and rescue operations;
  • service and pleasure trips.

  The draft multipurpose boats used modern technical solutions to ensure its seaworthiness and high performance taking into account the peculiarities of operating in ice conditions.

The main technical parameters of the project tug PI-22:

  • length — 23 m;
  • overall width — 6.9 m;
  • draft — 1.8 m;
  • speed — 20 knots;
  • the number of teams — 2 people;
  • passengers, Special personnel — 14 people;
  • main engines — 2 (746-970) kW.

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