At Kourou delivered two RN Union

Two launch vehicle (LV) "Union" delivered to the Guiana Space Centre, ARMS-TASS reported with reference to the company Arianespace.

Currently, this center with the previously delivered to the Russian launch vehicle are three "Union." Delivery of two Russian RN from St. Petersburg to Kourou carried on a ship like "Hummingbird", which are used to transport the French Guiana launch "Union", "Ariane 5" and Vega. "

French Guiana on "Hummingbird" return all component parts Russian launch vehicle: the first, second and third stages, boosters "Frigate", payload fairings compartment and fuel components.

Duration of transport RN from St. Petersburg to Kourou on the length of 5217 nautical miles was 14.5 days at a vehicle speed of 15 knots.

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