At MAKS-2011 for the first time will be shown a prototype of an integrated simulator of helicopter Ka-226T


At MAKS-2011 for the first time will present a new joint development CSTS "Dynamics" and JSC "UKBP" ("Ulyanovsk Instrument Design Bureau") — in Hall C1 at the booth of JSC "Concern" Aircraft Engineering "will be on display prototype integrated simulator light multipurpose helicopter crew Ka-226T.

As part of the project "Dynamics" has developed a mathematical model of the controlled motion of the helicopter and visualization system, which is an 8-channel spherical projection-screen complex with a viewing angle FOV (240 ° H x 71 ° V). The specialists of the Ulyanovsk Instrument Design Bureau created cockpit instrumentation, control system for the collection and processing of data and part of a computer system serving the cockpit simulator.

Such units, in addition to solving specific engineering problems associated with the development and fine-tuning the equipment of the helicopter, play a huge role in terms of prototyping all future series of technical training of flight crews and technical staff of the family of helicopters Ka-226, which features a very wide range of civil and military applications. These include the needs of the various structures MOE, OAO "Gazprom", medical and municipal police services are being developed appropriate modifications helicopter, and the development of a modern complex aircrew training tools will enhance the safety and effectiveness of using helicopters.

Starting in 2011, the Ka-226 purchased by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation within the framework of the state defense order. According to Russian and foreign experts, Ka-226T claim a significant portion of the world helicopter market in this class, and having a range of training simulators at different levels of complexity significantly increase their export potential.



The Ka-226T development of "Kamov" produced by Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise, At Russian Helicopters holding company "Helicopters of Russia". JSC "Concern" Aircraft Engineering "unites Russian enterprises of the aerospace industry in system design and delivery, and is part of the state corporation" Russian Technologies ".

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