At Moscow experiencing newest form of Russian fighter

As the soldiers of the future will look? In the suburbs were field tests ultramodern equipment. Doing puzzles help combat portable computers. If the tests will be completed successfully, ammunition go to the troops.

Wear it all in 45 seconds will not work. In the latest gear and accessories so many details that get used to this wardrobe can not immediately.
About this form could say all the rage, but it is more appropriate definition: the latest technology. This equipment more than just a vest or khaki pants. Fighter in it — the universal soldier, similar to the cyborg — with antennas in epaulettes, Videoglaz, monitors, screens, and a microprocessor that if and yet does not control a fighter, it certainly gives a clue where to go and when to shoot.

Set close to 90% of the skin, all the vulnerabilities. In the most complete set of the entire set weighs 28 kg.

With all this convince developers: it is lightweight and breathable design. It can not just wear without removing the two days, and do battle with the comfort of puzzles. Body armor can in some cases not even the fear of sniper fire.

Base equipment — aramid coveralls from a unique fiber. It protects against fire, and from the fragments of grenades.

Equipment fighter of the future "Warrior" — one hundred percent Russian development. She's already 3 months passed tests for specific sites. Average fighter, stsialisty believe in such form some clothes and becomes stronger and security.

If proving ground tests will be successful in a short time ammunition entered service. This does not mean that every rookie will look like once universal fighter. But new branch of the armed forces, which is not so little they say, will be to the same date.

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