At «Novoelovskaya Poultry» opened a new shop for the production of sausages

By LLC "Novoelovskaya Poultry" (Altai Territory) opened a new plant for the production of sausages.

"The initiative to open this shop belonged to the owners — the administration of APG" Altai coffers, "- said the chief technologist poultry Alex Kravchenko. — We are quite successfully master the poultry market, we try to expand the range of products and has long wanted to get into a new direction. And so it was decided to tightly engage the release of sausages. Work on the construction of the plant began in the last year, now its launch almost completed and the manufacturing process has already begun. " 

Earlier sausages produced at the plant in a room of the old processing plant. However, the scale of the planned demanded a new level. Today the shop is housed in a place where there used to be a dining room, produces 12 kinds of sausages kopchenovarenyh. Monthly volume — 18 tons of sausage and 7 tons of smoked-cooked products (including different specialties). Of course, future range will increase as the volume. It is planned that in November, when the equipment is in the shop is fully installed and installed, it will reach 40-45 tons. "We hope that the new year this amount will be the norm", — says Alexei Kravchenko. 

Currently, we conduct market research for future replenishment production program. After all, a new level will inevitably require new workload.


Gennady Udovchenko, Executive Director of "Novoelovskaya poultry farm":

"The current trend in the market is aimed at the need to produce as much as possible to minimize the finished product and the process of cooking for consumers. Hence the growth in output of sausage, etc. And at the same time, the overall quality is deteriorating, as many companies seek to reduce the cost of production. And it is not is not always beneficial to the consumer properties. At the same time, our products are in high demand due to the quality of. took place, however, the volume of output (25 tons per month) could not cover the growing demand. Based on this, we have adopted and decision on the reconstruction of the department and placing there the production of sausage and delicatessen. "

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