At Novokuznetsk Aluminum Plant launched the first cell

As part of its modernization program at Novokuznetsk aluminum smelter RUSAL launched the first cell in the pre-baked anodes RA-167. 

The new unit has a number of advantages over the previous generation of electrolytic cells — energy efficiency and better environmental performance. Operation is excluded release of fumes of coal tar pitch, and the relatively simple and reliable in the shelter allows a high degree of performance capture technology evolved gases and direct them to clean "dry" gas cleaning plants.

Modernization program involves translating the four electrolysis on electrolytic cells with prebaked anodes, two more — on electrolyzers working on technology "Environmental Soderbergh" as well as the commissioning of units of "dry" gas purification. In 2012 the volume of investments for this purpose amount to 195.8 million rubles. The total cost of upgrading — about 6 billion rubles.

The design and construction of a new cell specialists Research and Development Center of RUSAL and scientists SibVAMI suggested to him a number of revolutionary engineering solutions.

First, it could be placed in already existing building does not cross, as in newly built factories, and longitudinally. This allows the use of existing cells and the bases of cells without alteration, which significantly reduces the amount of capital investment.

Also, the new cell was innovative, trehstoyachnuyu, layout, supplying current to the anode instead chetyrehstoyachnoy, which is used for electrolysis C-2 and C-3. Mathematical modeling of the scheme has shown that such a decision would not only reduce the total weight of the bus system, but also greatly improve the technical and economic performance. Bottom blocks here are also fundamentally different — they decided to make a monoblock, ie not cutting, which has a positive impact on the reliability of the new cell cathode devices.

Since its start-RA-167 was the basis for the further modernization of the second industrial area of the Novokuznetsk aluminum smelter. In 2012, the pilot area will be built three such units. Over the years in this area will be "break-in" of the new technology.


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