At NPP Zarya started working out the process of adiabatic nitration of benzene in the pilot area

The experimental plot SEC conducted performance testing of the installation of the adiabatic nitration of benzene in water. The next step — testing of an experimental process in real-world environments.

The main objective of this project — the integration of modern technology in action at our plant production of nitrobenzene and adaptation of process conditions to the existing scheme.

The advantages of the new process are: reducing consumption ratios of raw materials and energy, improve product quality to meet the requirements of European standards, reducing costs associated with the processing of spent sulfuric acid.

The project involves increasing the production capacity from 36 to 60 thousand tons per year.

In an adiabatic nitration process the product is obtained containing 99.9% of the base material and the minimum amount of impurities. Furthermore, this scheme provides for concentrating the combining process spent sulfuric acid, thereby reducing the load on the regeneration portion acids, and the production costs compared with the existing technology.

At this stage, discusses the various possibilities of organizing an adiabatic process in a production environment. Negotiations with well-known European engineering companies, experts in this area that offer ready-made solutions hardware design of the scheme.

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