At OAO NCSP received a large shipment handling equipment

As part of the modernization of the fleet of cargo handling equipment in the NCSP arrived 21 unit handling equipment. In particular, JSC "NCSP" were delivered:

  • 8 forklifts Toyota 62-FDF 25 carrying capacity of 2.5 tons for transshipment of aluminum, copper and cellulose;
  • 2 ladle tracked loader Liebherr LR614, to process sugar in the hold;
  • 7 terminal tractor Terberg RT223, designed to work with any goods;
  • Forklift Kalmar DCF-330-12 LB capacity of 33 tons;
  • 2 reach stackers (truck for container handling) Kalmar DRF-450-65 S5X capacity of 45 tons.

Gantry crane "Stork" carrying capacity of 40 tons, the installation of which has already been launched on the East Pier, also enrolled in JSC "NCSP" during the first quarter of 2013. This valve is designed to handle cars, iron ore and iron ore concentrate. In addition, in the near future will end parts supply gantry crane "Hero" c / c 63 tons, which will be installed on a large pier number 2 for use during unloading slabs, steel coils and metal.

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