At only in Taimyr federal highway bridge opened two

At only in Taimyr federal highway "Road entrance to the airport from the city of Dudinka" after repair have commissioned two bridges.

One bridge is located across the lake Bolgohtoh — 42 km of the road, the other — on the River Bias — a 12 km run. At both sites restored bridge painting, asphalt concrete pavement replaced, repaired and treated with special cement-polymer composition of support along the entire length of bridges installed galvanized fence. In addition, the bridge over the lake Bolgohtoh equipped with one official pass, instead of the two previously available. On the bridge over the river Diagon to ensure its stable operation during temperature changes raised spans. The object is also covered with corrosion-resistant coating that will ensure its effective operation over 20 years.

Repair of bridges was conducted with the use of modern materials adapted for use in arctic conditions, and the use of specialized equipment, highlighted by the press-service. Satisfied with the quality of repair work of the commission members, and the unanimous decision of both the bridge was completed. The repair of bridges have spent 80 million rubles from the federal budget, the work performed contractor, LLC PO "environmentalist."

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