At Perm-9 set unique multi-faceted metal support of a new generation

For the issuance of an additional power input at Perm-9 power "PermEnergo" performed a unique operation. Erection of the first chetyrehtsepnaya versatile metal support on the road under construction power line 110 kV "HPP-9 — Zaostrovka." In total, the project is planned to establish 57 such towers. Their use will significantly reduce costs and shorten the construction time, improve the reliability and durability of the new transmission lines.

Support the production of plant "MuromEnergoMash" is a tubular structure 40 meters long and weighing nearly 40 tons. It is located on the pile foundation with the raft. Under the support of about 60 cubic meters of poured concrete. When installing metal bearing structures themselves the hardest, according to experts, to catch the flange bearing and fit it on the basis of the foundation bolts. Between the flanges of the support and foundation — 128 studs and bolts, which are then screwed the nut. This piece of work is performed using special traps and guides.

In the Urals, in the construction of transmission lines 110 kV chetyrehtsepnye multifaceted metal supports used for the first time. Throughout the country, they are installed only in Sochi, Moscow and Siberia.

To raise and support the installation of a new generation has been used 200-ton crane. Work on assembly and installation support performed by specialists of the contractor "Elektrosetstroy" of Yekaterinburg.

Recall that in order to supply additional power input at Perm-9 branch of JSC "IDGC of Urals" — "Permenergo" implementing an investment project for the construction and reconstruction of air-cable line 110 kV substation and the construction of nodal 110/10/6 kV "Zaostrovka . "

This project provides for the Cooperation Agreement between the Government of the Perm region and JSC "MRSC" Ural "and included in the scheme of development of electric power Kama until 2017. Reconstruction of Perm HPP-9 is Perm branch of JSC "TGC-9" IES-Holding’s investment project involves the installation of DPM and gas turbine capacity of 165 MW and a total waste heat boiler steam capacity of 230 tons / hour.

Perm HPP-9 provides electricity refinery production of "LUKOIL-Perm Refinery." In addition, the power plant — the main source of heat for the left-bank part of the city of Perm. Currently, electric power is 410 MW thermal power station. After reconstruction, it will increase by almost half and will reach 575 MW. Introduction of new generating capacity, synchronized with the development of power grid facilities, will improve the reliability and stability of the Permian-Zakamsky power center will provide the ability to connect to the grid of new consumers.

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