At Peterhof completed restoration of the Chess Mountain



St. Petersburg, June 15. Dragons stage, he’s Chess Mountain — one of the most beautiful fountains of Peterhof — let the water after restoration. The work took about a year, during which strengthened the foundation, cleared the trim and replaced the famous marble sculpture on a copy of the correspondent of "WORLD 24" Lena Petrevska.

Chess crowning the mountain dragons — the favorites are coming to Peterhof kids. They cleaned, painted, restored, and now the dragons look like new.

The restoration lasted about a year. During this time, did a great job: Chess overhaul mountain was not since its reconstruction after the Great Patriotic War. So I had to upgrade a water system thoroughly to strengthen the foundation piles and the plateau stage for the strength to cover the copper fabric.

Specialists say that now the restoration of the Chess mountains do not need a half-century. You can not say about the decorating of the ladder marbles. From the time they started to break down, so the scripts had to be replaced by a copy, and those statues that recall of Peter the Great refurbish and store it in a special pavilion.

With the restoration of the mountain back to the Chess and tradition at its foot hold chess tournaments. On the first play together veterans of the sport.


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