At SCC (Tomsk region). Created the first batch of experimental fuel elements with dense fuel

JSC "Siberian Chemical Combine" (included in the Fuel Company of Rosatom "TVEL") completed the fabrication of experimental fuel elements (cartridges) with a dense fuel on a specially designed complex experimental setups.

Work carried out in the framework of sectoral project "Breakthrough" in OAO "SCC" was started in the spring of 2012. The funds of the State Corporation "Rosatom" Sibhimkombinatom was purchased and installed the equipment portion of fuel fabrication, developed the technology, developed methods of control, produced nitride fuel, produced fuel rods.

As the project manager to create a dense fuel at SCC Sergei Szymanski, all the equipment area of welding fuel rods were produced by chemical-metallurgical plant complex, in the subsidiaries of "SCC" Company "SibRegionPromservis" and OOO "Siberian mechanical plant."

To create a dense fuel, experimental fuel elements for the project "Breakthrough" at the Chemical Metallurgical Plant OAO "SCC" created 26 jobs.

For the record: In 2012, in accordance with the order of the Director General of the State Corporation "Rosatom" Sergey Kiriyenko of "SCC" was commissioned to create a series of experimental plants for the manufacture of tablets mixed nitride fuel rods and experimental ETVS.

The results of the work will be used in the construction project at the site of the plant development and demonstration of the power generating part of the reactor facility "BREST-300" with the near-station nuclear fuel cycle and complex for the production of dense fuel for fast reactors.

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