At Severstal’s blast furnace number 5 Furnace 100,000,000th

ton of pig iron.

At the blast furnace number 5 Cherepovets plant produced the 100 millionth tonne of iron. DP number 5 ("Severyanka") was blown out April 12, 1986, the first iron was issued April 13, 1986.

Blast furnace number 5 was an All-Union Komsomol construction project. In the design of almost 250 objects of the complex blast furnace was attended by about 40 design institutes, including the general designer "Lengipromez." Blast furnace was built more than 13,000 builders and installers, the general contractor has performed "Череповецметаллургхимстрой."

At the time of start-up and on for nearly 20 years, "Severyanka" remained the biggest oven in the world. Because of the scale of the giant blast furnace was entered into the record books "Guinness".

To date, DP number 5 — the largest blast furnace in Europe. Useful volume of DP-5 — 5580 m3. For operation of the blast furnace is required annually 1 million 700 thousand tons of coke, about 2 million tons of pellets, and more than 4 million tons of sinter. The design capacity of the furnace is up to 4 million tons per year, according to managing external communications JSC "Severstal".

"Severyanka" provides almost 50% of the Cherepovets Steel Mill in the iron. Achieved to date production (100 million tons) is 30% of the iron smelted domain shop from the moment the first capacity. In addition to iron, on the DP-5 produced granulated slag (a special unit made from waste blast furnace — furnace slag), which is used in agriculture, glass and cement industries.

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