At St. Nicholas Street in Moscow has opened a pedestrian zone

August 21 in the capital there is another pedestrian zone — on St. Nicholas Street. The organization of pedestrian spaces in the city center began in January this year, when the walks are available Kuznetsk bridge, Stoleshnikov, Lavroushinsky Chamberlain and alleys, and Tver travel.
To celebrate the opening of a new Walking Street held city festival: on St. Nicholas Street worked a small exhibition about its history and reconstruction. Guests were greeted retro photographer, ice cream vendor, newspapermen, artists who have shown a couple of mini-performances.

At the intersection of Nicholas Vetoshny lane with brass band, here was equipped with "retro-TV station" — installation using old TVs, lights, cameras. Everyone could feel in the role of leading the program "Time" or the New Year, "Spark". You could also listen to the gramophone record collection.
At the intersection with Epiphany lane Nicholas Street turned into a dance floor in the style of the 50s, where he played jazz band.
In the old Moscow yard, located near the exit at the Revolution Square in 11 houses and 13 folk groups held a ceremony of "Mockingbird."
Celebration was held in the framework of Summer Festival "Best city in the world".

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