At the airport Koltsovo (Ekaterinburg) opened a new hall superior

The new "Fairy Tale" Koltsovo

Business — Class begins on the ground. Yes, of course, in the air you will have a wide armchair, great food and drinks. But believe me, even before departure there are lots of opportunities to enjoy the advantages provided by a modest mark "business" in your ticket. In Koltsovo these goodies are now so many that the men who first got into the new hall superior at first may arise meal of choice — where to start. I decided to start with the classics of the genre, namely, ordered an espresso and go stare at the sides.  

The first thing that surprised Plant interiors, lack of straight lines and extremely ornate layout. Smoky crystals of columns and pillars sparingly share their light with lots of caves, arches and public — that the tunnels. All this creates the illusion that you are not in the room, and in a huge cave, where the will of the designer appeared mirrored floors, leather sofas and freshly brewed coffee.

Leaving alone the bartender with a buzzing coffee machine, I went deep into these palaces, trying to guess what will happen over the next kink bizarre walls. Turning on the first that came to the arch, I found myself in a rather cozy room for several persons. Individual fixtures, fresh press and baggy seat. The temptation to collapse them immediately was very great, but I restrained myself.

Coming out of the cabinet on the other hand, find myself in a spacious hall. Chopped walls and spotlights, all of which evoke the idea that I — a guest at the Hall of the Mountain King. And where — even hear echoes of distant horns Wagner, na-na, na-na, na-Paama … No, it’s just a TV.

Determined to try on everything, which is located on one of the sofas and pushes closer svetilnichek. The next 10 minutes I spent in brainstorming, doing Pick a sofa in search of secret buttons and seeing the wall for the switch. I’m clapping, jumping up and down on the seat, loudly called his name and substituted a bowl under the barcode of your ticket. All to no avail. Technical progress in the face of this unflappable glass devaysa won over my intelligence.

Well, not really — you want to. Leave the hall with her head held high and find myself in a cozy little cafe, exactly opposite the bar with coffee cools. That’s bad luck, I just forgot about him! It’s time to make a coffee break and look around.

It turns out that I was able to do almost a full circle, going from one room to another. Buffet bar and fresh coffee is a good guide.

Once I decided to go back to their seats with a lamp, which I was able to include in my field of vision gets a staircase to the second floor. Taaks, the press has been postponed, as the expedition continues — forward to the second floor.

Again, I was met by a whole suite of small zalchike, corners and cabinets, is that children’s stands out for its size and bright colors. There is where your energy to throw out young passengers. You can run around the ceiling, stand on their ears and kicking the backs of seats. It’s better here than on the plane. Very useful room.

But I do think it’s a godsend design — cabinet with sound-absorbing walls. Just like in a real studio sound recording studio. Absolute silence.

Found a nook in which I still wanted to make a little rest. Sitting is certainly convenient. But here lezhaaat — it’s a pleasure, simply can not convey. ))
One has only to put his tired body in these fanciful forms, as chair is horizontal.

Sweet slumber began to slowly erase the sense of time. Hmm, how I did not fall asleep. Sheer will force myself to take a vertical position. Beautiful view from the balcony makes me think that it would be nice to repeat kofeek.

Downstairs, I understand that maintaining the status alone will not work, so I decide to spend the rest of time in pleasant conversation with a cute girl at the reception desk.

And as it turned out, for good reason. Julia told me a lot of interesting information about the amazing place. It was found that the interior of the new hall, his original stylistic and spatial solution is inspired by the motifs Bazhov tales, original culture of the Urals and Yekaterinburg, where the "common" Europe and Asia, as well as a rich palette of natural resources of the territory. It realized a bright, dynamic, modern style that creates and combines complex space and at the same time segmenting it into functional areas: mazes, cabins, lodges. Created a sense of overflowing, relaxation, warmth and comfort, combined with the severe forms of soft corners, possible changes in the scenario of light to the same volume seemed different.

Finishing Plant premises is made in accordance with the design concept: the floors are made of natural stone, felt panel and a special carpet for walls, glass, laminated glass with printing image inside face stained glass, wood texture, a wall of green moss, for different zones to use different colors here you can see the large faceted crystal shapes with glowing fragments of laminated glass with a print malachite, jasper and agate.

And in the end of the conversation, I got the information that is recorded in the notebook of every traveler. So, here is an open wardrobe, individual zones and zones of negotiations,showers, children’s area, and a separate room for smoking.

In the hall of the superior serviced passengers free "business class" for flights that have concluded a contract for the provision of services for passengers in a superior room with JSC "Airport Koltsovo". Plant services can also take advantage of everyone when you pay in cash (subject to availability of seats), the cost of care in a superior room had a total enrollment of 1,960 rubles.

Thank you for your attention.
PS How did turn the damn light? ..

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