At the airport Minvody installed charging station for electric vehicles

July 18 at the international airport of Mineral Waters opened a new charging stations for electric vehicles, is the fourth in the province.

This year, charging stations have also been installed near the train station of Kislovodsk and the company "Motorcade 1721", which operates as an electric taxi cabs in the resort city. 

— Opening of the charging station in the mineral waters, which allows to service two cars at the same time — this is a significant event, which indicates that the implementation of a pilot project to develop the infrastructure and operation of electric vehicles in the Stavropol region is in a given mode, — said Minister of Energy, Industry and Communication edge D. Samatov. — We have started planning to equip such complex logistics in respect of facilities, such as airports. In principle, a dozen charging stations enough to fully ensure the movement of electric vehicles to basic infrastructure nodes that connect the capital with the edge of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. In parallel with the development of infrastructure will continue to saturate the edge of electric vehicles. They show a good side to operate, run each accounted for more than six thousand miles away. Practice shows the economic benefits of the project to commercial structures.

In the near future charging stations for electric cars will be installed in Stavropol and Nevinnomyssk.

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