At the annual plan for Baltic NPP construction is made of 125%

An official conclusions on the construction of the Baltic NPP in Kaliningrad in 2010. In physical terms the annual plan of work was done by 125%. In 2011, the expected increase in the volume of work is 3.5 times.

Overall, in 2010 completed the development of the pit "nuclear island" and work began on the trench "turbine islands" unit number 1. Laid more than 10 km of roads and zemlevoznyh roads in the construction base and industrial site. Moved more than 1 million cubic meters of soil at the construction of the relief organization.

Currently at the site of the Baltic NPP from holding "Titan-2" are two separate units affiliated companies: JSC "Department of Road Transport" and of "Installation and Construction Management number 90." Work carried out almost around the clock, despite the cold.
At 14 construction sites on which conduct of the organization holding "TITAN-2", involved 272 professional, 250 of them — residents of the Kaliningrad region and 110 units of machinery.

Work carried out, including and involving local subcontractors. In particular, the excavation "turbine islands" unit number 1, as well as construction and installation works in a machine treatment facilities participating company JSC "Etalon-West" (Kaliningrad).

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