At the AtomStroyEnergo (Moscow region). Built a new production facility

JSC "Plant" AtomStroyEnergo "- a Russian manufacturer of low voltage complete sets of equipment of the new generation.

JSC "Plant" AtomStroyEnergo "prematurely put into operation a second assembly line to meet the increased market demand for enterprise products. Construction of a new production building with total area of 5,000 square meters was provided for the second phase of the strategic investment plan of the company, but the timing of commissioning had to be adjusted towards reduction due to a significant increase in orders for 2013.

  • assembly shop "AtomStroyEnergo"

A new assembly hall was built on an existing property in the territory of the enterprise, which reduced the cost of acquisition of additional land.

The project is the second production line at the base of the already proven to operate CNC machines allows to implement the principle of "flexible production" adopted as the basis of the concept in the production of JSC "Plant" AtomStroyEnergo. "This approach to the formation of technological tasks to minimize downtime, optimize procurement of components and reduce energy production without losing quality.

  • paint shop "AtomStroyEnergo"

"This is a milestone in the history of our company. Important and very significant. Most important in the event that the need for additional production facilities arose in harmony, not spontaneous. This is the result of our work aimed at increasing the company’s market share. Goal this We currently set, and we have achieved that goal, becoming the last 4 years now the fastest growing segment in the GCC (low-voltage devices), "said Alex Yeremeev, General Director of JSC" Plant "AtomStroyEnergo."

  • shop bending presses "AtomEnergoStroy"

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