At the car GAZ launched production of a full cycle of the car Skoda Yeti

At the car GAZ launched production of a full cycle of the car "Skoda Yeti". It will be implemented in three renovated and equipped with the most modern equipment shops Gorky Automobile Plant, which once produced cars such as the "Victory", "Volga-3111" and "Volga Siber."

Full production car body includes welding, painting and assembly, up to this point SKODA Yeti production at GAZ carried out by SKD.

December 6, the assembly line of "Skoda" went first "Skoda Yeti" compiled by the method of full production cycle. According to the company, the first step in the four weeks edition cars of this model will be produced in an amount of 70-80 units per day. After 20 weeks of work and debugging assembly line will be made to reach full production capacity from 440 cars in three shifts per day.

The agreement between "GAZ Group" and Volkswagen Group Rus was signed in 2011. Agreement for a period of 8 years, provides contract assembly for gas-powered cars and VOLKSWAGEN Skoda: Skoda Yeti, VOLKSWAGEN Jetta and Skoda Octavia. Total production will reach 110,000 cars a year.

Investment in the project amounts to 300 million euros. These funds are used to upgrade the production capacity of GAZ cars and new equipment corresponding to the specific product.

In preparation for the implementation of the joint project "GAZ Group" and Volkswagen Group Rus on Gaza in February 2012 opened training center, where workers on a practice embracing the best technology the automotive industry.

According to chairman of the board of directors ‘Skoda Auto’ Winfried Falenda, "car" Skoda Yeti ", which designed the Czech designers and already produced in factories in the Czech Republic and China, is the best selling cars in many countries, including Russia." He noted that "in 2018 the assembly of our cars here with 8 thousand in the past year will grow to 117 thousand."

Participating in the ceremonial start conveyor Nizhny Novgorod Governor Valery Shantsev said that "this is a good project and a new step in the development of the Nizhny Novgorod region, particularly the automotive cluster, which has become a characteristic and very important for the economy of the area since the 30s of the last century.

The head of "Volkswagen Group Rus" Marcus Ozigovich reported that in the spring of 2013 in these workshops will begin production of a full cycle of the car "Volkswagen Jetta".

photo Yulia Gorshkova

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