At the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant is retooling

The squares of the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant is implementing a program re-motor and tractor production.

The program was approved in 2009, the Ministry of Industry, under the first stage of the allocated 2.5 billion rubles. It should be completed in 2013. First cutting machines have been bought in the past year as part of the program of technical re-equipment of motor production. This equipment will produce innovative products, in particular, parts of engines for the family of the "T" to meet the highest European standards.

This year’s expected 24 pieces of equipment. The areas under these machining centers have already been released. It starts with a large-scale work on the foundation for the equipment that will come to the end of the year. The decision to purchase a modern highly technical, and most importantly flexible equipment was made in the first place so that production could quickly readjust to the needs of the market.

At CTZ also will start a new program of technical re-equipment, which will affect the entire enterprise, from manufacturing to assembly of procuring equipment. It is estimated at more than 13 billion rubles.

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