At the company’s Profine RUS launched a third production line

The company "Profine RUS" expanding production, in June launched a third production line at the plant in Khabarovsk. It is designed for the extrusion of PVC-cell profile of KBE_Ekspert 70 mm. The plans for the company to produce up to 1,200 tons per year of this profile in the region.

Khabarovsk plant provides specialized supply systems KBE whole of the Far East, including Yakutia, as well as part of Siberia (in particular, Chita and Irkutsk). Difficult climatic conditions of the region have formed a strong demand for a wide profile with a high coefficient of thermal resistance. Since 2007, the two production lines of the plant in Khabarovsk, let alone profile systems KBE_Etalon and KBE_Endzhin, now the range has expanded at the expense of KBE_Ekspert.

"At the moment KBE_Ekspert is about 25% of total sales in this Rayon, and we expect that this figure will grow. After this five-chamber profile can significantly reduce heat loss through the window openings, which is especially important in the climatic conditions of Siberia and the Far East ", — said General Director of" Profine RUS "Andrei Borisovich Daskovsky.

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