At the end Magadan GORMOLZAVOD reconstruction process equipment


According to the company’s management, it will begin production of a new product for the Kolyma River. For example, on the shop for the first time will grained cheese produced locally.

Every day here take one and a half tons of the freshest milk. Before his razolyut in packets, or used to make products, check it carefully in the laboratory. And only after that workers will start pasteurization.


The process of pasteurization, the milk plant at Magadan pay special attention. The company specialists are sure that it is this technology allows you to keep useful properties of milk. The fact that it is a "living" say the shelf life — no more than five days. While the sterilized product packaging can live for at least six months.

Milk with such technology is heated over 120 degrees. And, as a consequence, the useful minerals and vitamins are destroyed. In sterilized milk fat and milk protein are retained. Albeit in a modified form. But the natural properties of the milk and vitamins are lost forever.

Immediately after pasteurization, the milk dispensed into the packaging Pure Pak. It is multi-layered, robust and well-kept the desired temperature. Crest on the package near the production date specified percentage of fat. And he is always different. According to the engineers, it is about the quality of the product. Natural milk can not always contain the same amount of fat.

The product line Magadan dairy plant is quite extensive — more than sixty titles. In addition to milk here now produces several types of yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, snow, fermented baked milk. These days the company is in full swing installation of new equipment. Very soon will be able to Magadan to try something new: grained cheese and several kinds of yogurt.

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