At the end of 2011. in Yakutia opened or renovated 17 kindergartens

Last year, in Yakutia constructed and reconstructed 17 preschools. The total amount of money invested in the construction of these facilities, more than 506 million rubles, the press service of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)


The investment program introduced kindergartens with 50 seats in Verkhnevilyuisk and Srednekolymsk, with 240 seats in the village of Ulus Vitim Lena and the school garden with 35 seats in the village of Allan Suntarsky district. Also reconstructed kindergarten for 100 places in the village of Lower Kuranah Aldan ulus and kindergarten for 75 children in the village of Maya Megino-Kangalassky district.
In the framework of good deeds "My Yakutia in the XXI century" built nine kindergartens. This is a school garden with 15 seats in the village of Ulus Alysardah Verkhoyansk, the school garden with 25 seats in the village of Ulus Homustah Verkhnevilyuisk, nursery with 50 places in the neighborhood of the village Partizan Suntar for 75 people in the village to baptize Suntarsky ulus, with 50 seats in the village Berdigestjah Mountain ulus, with 50 seats in the village Hatyryk Namsky region, with 40 seats in mmkrorayone Youth Village Curapca and 35 seats in the villages of Dai-Amga and Chimnai Tatta district.
Powers of municipalities introduced two kindergartens — for 35 people in the village of Ulus ISITO Khangalassky and 240 seats in the city of Yakutsk

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