At the factory Komsomol Sukhoi completed a total of docking units of the first batch of Su-35s

The company "Sukhoi" has completed a total docking units of the first batch of Su-35s. Work on the implementation of the signed in August in the MAKS-2009 government contract to supply the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation in the period up to 2015 48 multifunctional super-maneuverable fighter began in autumn 2009 in the included holding the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association. Yuri Gagarin (KnAAPO). During this time, in accordance with the approved schedule was organized by the production of parts and components, entered into agreements with subcontractors for delivery of necessary components, tools and equipment. In aggregate-assembly shops of the plant was made detachable assembly of an aircraft wing assembly of piping systems and docking bays rear fuselage, made on the amount of head of the fuselage. Today the car is in the shop and final assembly is preparing for the transfer of the shop KnAAPO flight tests. The first production Su-35S should be transferred to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation at the end of this year.

The fighter is also intended for the foreign market. The company "Sukhoi" in talks with customers in South-East Asia, the Middle East and South America, interested in retooling its air force.

Su-35 — profoundly modernized super-maneuverable multi-role fighter of "4 + +". It uses fifth-generation technologies that ensure superiority over similar class fighters.

The distinctive features of the aircraft are new avionics suite based on digital information control system integrating avionics systems, new radar station (radar) with a phased array with long-range detection of air targets with an increased number of simultaneously tracked and engaged targets (30 escort and attack 8 aerial targets, as well as support for 4 and 2 attack ground targets), new engines with increased thrust and turning thrust vector. The Su-35 has a broad range of weapons of large, medium and small range. Able to carry guided air attack (TSA) anti-radar, anti-ship, utility, guided aerial bombs (KAB) and ungovernable TSA. Fighter’s radar signature compared to the fourth generation of aircraft reduced several times due to conductive coating canopy, applying radar-absorbing coatings and reduced the number of protruding sensors. Service Life — 6 thousand flight hours, service life — 30 years of operation, the assigned resource engines with controlled nozzle — 4 thousand hours.

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