At the factory laid Zelenodol’sk third IRAs such as Desperado-M»


August 27, 2011 will be a solemn ceremony of small missile ship "Great Ustug" — the third serial ship Project 21631 design of "Zelenodolsk Design Bureau". The project is designed for the Navy Russia. Appointment of small missile ships of this project — the protection and defense of the economic zone of the state. Unlike its prototype — a small gunship Project 21630 — MRC has almost twice the displacement.

The lead ship of this project laid August 27, 2010, on the eve of the Day of the Republic of Tatarstan, and received the name of "Hail Svijazhsk." The second order of the same project, the pledged July 22, 2011, given the name "Uglich". Among the distinguished guests on the tab of the second ship was attended by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Ildar Halikov and the Caspian Flotilla Commander, Rear Admiral Sergei Alekminsky, who congratulated the plant workers, said: "Today, we are present at the laying of the next unique ship, which in its class is the best, most advanced. After passing through the plant, the shops, evaluating your options, I hope that the timing of construction vehicles will be reduced, because the Navy is in need of such ships. "

And so is born the third serial ship of this project.

Small Project 21631 missile ships are multipurpose vessels of "river-sea", equipped with the most modern types of artillery, missile, anti-sabotage, anti-aircraft and electronic weapons that allow a strike on maritime and ground targets.

Thanks to the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan Gorky have large and long-term orders. This year, the plant will deliver 5 ships, two of which have already been sent to Vietnam — is frigates of the "Gepard-3.9" (designer — of "Zelenodolskoye PKB"). The other day, on the second ship held the national flag of Vietnam.

Currently Zelenodolsky Plant named after AM Gorky is the only shipbuilding enterprise in Russia, which has launched serial production of high-speed passenger ships, river and marine applications. Since 2006, the river fleet passed 5 units of luxury vessels of the new generation, based upon the integration of the shipbuilding and aviation technology. Today, the stocks of the plant is being built 2 units of vessels of A145, designed to serve the guests and residents of the city of Sochi during the preparation and conduct of the 2014 Olympics. In September, the first ship to be presented at the X International Investment Forum in Sochi.

Court of Justice of the project have a modern look, meet the requirements of safety of navigation in accordance with international environmental standards. Being comfortable high-speed passenger vessels gliding type with automatically controlled driving dynamics ("mechanized bottom"), they are going to replace the obsolete and outdated SEC type "Meteor", "comet", "Colchis", "Sunrise". Custom built in accordance with the requirements of the world-renowned certification body Bureau Veritas.

"Zelenodolsk Plant named after AM Gorky "was recognized for his work at the Russian level — was awarded the title of" Best Russian Exporter 2010 "in the field of shipbuilding. Presentation of the models built ships and high-speed vessels, new projects ships (A45-90, A45-4) has aroused interest among the participants of the XV International Economic Forum and other prestigious exhibitions.

Over the past two years, the plant Zelenodol’sk Gorky intensively developed shipbuilding. Bookmark new production orders for the Russian Navy and friendly countries in military-technical cooperation significantly increased the plant’s image as a dynamic shipbuilder.

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