At the factory Red Sormovo was launched on the tanker for Turkmenistan

Today at "Red Sormovo" was launched on the tanker "Aladga" Project 19900, built for Turkmenistan.

The contract between the plant "Red Sormovo" (featuring MNP Group) and the State Service of Maritime and River Transport of Turkmenistan was signed on 27 March this year. According to the contract for Turkmenistan will build two 19,900 dwt tanker project 7,100 tons. The customer has assigned the name of the tanker "Aladga."

For Turkmenistan, at the "Red Sormovo" already built four oil tankers ("Sumbar", "Jeykhun", "Khazar" and "Etrek"). Tanker project 19900 is designed for the transportation of crude oil and petroleum products. The designer series — Volga-Caspian Design Bureau. In the design takes into account all special requirements and environmental constraints of the world’s oil companies. Class tanker — KM * Icel [1] R2 AUT1-ICS OMBO LI VCS Oil Tanker (ESP) of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

The design of the ship with a displacement of 9677 tons, can carry an expanded range of goods (three grades of cargo at the same time), the tanker can reach speeds of up to 10.5 knots. Specifications: length — 141.4 m, width — 16.60 m, depth — 6.82 m, deadweight — about 7,100 tons with a draft of 4.60 m in the river — 4700 tons with a draft of 3.60 m , the capacity of cargo and slop tanks — 8000 cu. m Head tanker "Jeykhun" built in 2010 for Turkmenistan and the British Royal Society of Naval Architects included the tanker "Jeykhun" in the list of "Significant Court in 2010." Tanker project 19900 is assigned the additional symbol in the symbol class Eco project at the design stage.

"Cooperation of MNP Group with the State Service of Maritime and River Transport of Turkmenistan began in 2009. Total for the Republic of Turkmenistan at the "Red Sormovo" was built four tankers, tanker last new project 19900 was handed over to the customer in May 2012. We are grateful to our Turkmen colleagues for their trust in our company and we wish all our vessels are operated in the Caspian region, good luck and good fortune, "- commented the CEO of MNP Group Vadim Malov.

Technical and economic parameters of the project tankers 19900 markedly improved compared with vessels of the same tonnage: automated management tools, fully excluded from entering the oil into the sea in an emergency situation, thought the crew safe working conditions in all modes of operation of the vessel. All this enables the data to the courts to work in special ecological areas, which is particularly important for the fragile ecosystem of the Caspian Sea.

On the descent of the vessel is head of customer technical development department of the State Service of Maritime and River Transport of Turkmenistan Andrew Samedov. Of MNP Group — CEO and Director Vadim Malov Shipbuilding Andrey Ivanov.

"Plant" Red Sormovo "(Nizhny Novgorod), one of the oldest shipyards in Russia, founded in 1849. Shipyard has made an enormous contribution to the development of the submarine and domestic commercial fleet. Multiple winner of the All-Russia competitions, including the competition "Best Enterprises of Russia", "Best Russian Exporter", "Best Manager Russia", "Investor of the Year." The plant is now part of the JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation".

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