At the Flight (Chelyabinsk) opened a new technological platform

Chelyabinsk Region Governor Mikhail Yurevich attended the opening of a new technological platform.

A visit to the factory governor began with a tour of area PCB and automated assembly. These shops are still the main production facilities of the enterprise. Michael then proceeded to completely Jurevich a new technological platform — Design Center of electronic modules.
It is here that the "stuffing" production "Flight".

The opening of the new production was made possible through the federal program for the design of electronic modules.
Center at the "Flight" began to create in the last year, this year — the process equipment with new equipment. Over 2 years of the project will be invested in a total of about 240 million rubles of federal funds and their investment company. In general, the program, which is 2016, provides funding of $ 2 billion 300 million rubles.

Chelyabinsk Radio Plant "Flight" — Produces radio equipment for the needs of the military and civil aviation. Civil airfields Russia by 70% completed with radio equipment (radars, landing systems, navigation equipment), produced by HRH "Flight".

opto-electronic module "Flight 1" (photo)

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