At the Irkutsk observatory dome planetarium set

In Irkutsk, on a building under construction of the planetarium, which is located in the historical quarter "Irkutsk settlement", raised and established four-meter dome.


  As reported by "Baikal Info", it is planned that in the coming months, the observatory will be equipped, there will put a telescope. In summer, you can look through the telescope only the sun, use a filter demonstration night light can be started in the autumn.











The installation of the dome described in his LiveJournal director Astronomical Observatory of Irkutsk State University Sergey Yaz:

"A powerful mobile crane with a long boom in the first scored cupola space on the top floor of a metal base for the telescope (which will be filled with concrete for stability), and then picked up four-meter dome and placed it on top of the building. The dome rotates — we have a ride with his hands on the ring rail. Astronomical sash windows will soon be installed. The work was carried out quickly and competently led by director of "Dynamics" Yegor Glebov. Of course, everyone should have happened much earlier — around the New Year. But well, that took place in the end. "

Funds for the construction of the planetarium highlights the company "Metropol".

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