At the Izhora Pipe Plant completed the installation of a new press

At the Izhora Pipe Plant (venture company "Severstal") completed installation of the finishing press (set to correct billets) produced by the German company SMS Meer.

The new equipment will produce pipes with small diameters and large wall thickness, including the offshore pipeline "South Stream" company "Gazprom" for which the ASI is planning to deliver products. Installation of the equipment was done by specialists Kolpinsky branch of OOO "Severstal-Promservice" (asset division, "Severstal Russian Steel") around the clock at the operating plant. Control work carried out by representatives of the supplier of equipment. Currently, there are four foundation beams and frame units. The weight of each is more than 25 tons.

Purchase of equipment are part of large-scale investment, in which the company "Severstal" will invest in the production of large diameter pipe about 1.3 billion rubles. Means are provided for the implementation of more than a decade of investment activities aimed primarily at improving the quality and development of new products.

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