At the Kapustin Yar tested a new modification of ATRA Cornet

TSAMTO, December 22. In Astrakhan at the Kapustin Yar tested a new modification of the anti-missile system "Cornet".

According to the press service of the Defense Ministry, the new anti-tank systems "Cornet" significantly increased range and armor, an automatic guidance system.


Obviously, we are talking about the ATGM "Kornet-EM." This multi-purpose vsesutochny high-precision long-range missile system to deal with land and air targets was first demonstrated by the Tula KBP at MAKS-2011.

The complex is able to destroy modern and future tanks equipped with reactive armor, lightly armored vehicles, fortifications, surface and air targets (UAVs, helicopters, planes attack aircraft).

Complex "Kornet-EM" has 8 missiles ready to fire, with full ammunition 16 missiles. Volley firing at two targets significantly increases the rate and rate of fire. The system allows for the firing of rockets by all the family "Kornet-E."

The new multi-purpose missile system "Kornet-EM" allows for the modern requirements of the promising anti-tank systems, using advanced and, at the same time, relatively low-cost technology solutions that provide complex "Kornet-EM" a whole new set of qualities.

The firing range complex — 150 m (minimum), 10 thousand m — maximum, the control system — automatic with teleorientirovaniem in a laser beam, high-noise immunity, the number of simultaneously fired a volley goals — 2, armor-piercing shaped-charge warhead — 100-1300 mm, TNT equivalent high-explosive warhead — 7 kg, ammunition — 16 missiles (including ready-to-shoot -8), the translation of traveling to combat — 7 seconds.

Increase the range and accuracy of fire, the implementation of automatic tracking, which provides the ability to track not only slow ground targets, but also more high-speed objects, helped solve a complex "Kornet-EM" an entirely new problem for the ATRA — the defeat of small air targets (helicopters, drones and attack aircraft attack aircraft).

The effectiveness of the complex "Kornet-EM" in the fight against air targets is provided by a combination of high-precision automatic guidance system and a guided missile with a thermobaric warhead equipped with non-contact and contact sensor target (NDC) with a range of up to 10 km.

Comparative analysis of the performance characteristics of the complex "Kornet-EM" and its foreign counterparts shows that the combat effectiveness when performing traditional tasks of ATRA, the complex surpasses analogues in aggregate indicators of 3-5, being a simple to use and service and having 3-4 times less cost of ammunition.

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