At the Kemerovo region has earned a mobile office e-Government (video)

Mobile Internet and gets into the most remote corners of the Kemerovo region. As part of the federal program "Electronic Government" Today the village of Birch first came Mobile Office.

FRS, tax, BTI, the committee on municipal property, the service "one stop shop" and even ATM — here at the same time provide services to specialists of the federal, provincial and district services. Residents will be able to receive a variety of services in one place, and completely free.

For each service specialist — a computer with high speed internet access, which provides automatic satellite system. For the area it is especially important today, there are still villages where not always work, even mobile phones. At the villagers an opportunity to not only save time, but also to forget about the paperwork. All information is now electronically. Wait for the first visitors to the mobile office staff did not last long.
Lyudmila Polukhina: "Here I have a question about non-privatized land plot, I want to ask, very convenient to the city do not have to go."

All the necessary conditions are created not only for the people who, by the way, enjoy free mobile office, but also for the staff — the bus is equipped with a heat gun and air conditioning, autonomous energy supply system and office equipment. At the Kemerovo region 71 settlement, and in each of them a mobile team will arrive on schedule.

Sergei Vashenko, deputy governor: "The task of simplifying all the procedures for cooperation between the government and the people — this is one of the most important tasks. And today, here we see the representatives of several governments, which together solve one problem — help comfortable quickly and efficiently solve a problem that is in front of people. " 

The organization of the office is allocated 4 million 400 thousand rubles from the regional budget. Kemerovo region has become an experimental platform. Authorities in the region necessarily examine views of the residents and in the future these mobile groups will appear in all parts of the Kuzbass.

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