At the Kiev restored historic mural

Painting "Festivities in Kiev" at the station "Kiev" Arbat-line Intercession Muscovites have not seen for two years. In October of 2010, due to underground rivers mural collapsed and restorers had to actually create it anew. According to old photographs could understand what she looked like in 1953, when the station was opened.

Artists were surprised to find that before the collapse panels looked very different. Repair of recent decades has seriously changed her.

— The figures in the background glossed over — just easier — said the deputy head of the Metro one of the offices of the Moscow Heritage Committee Yevgeny Mironov. — Refurbishing systematically kept, but the restoration of the complex was not even once. 

Year after year, simplified picture or added to it some details.

— That this Cossack in the background, for example, have made an Uzbek. ‘ve Added his skullcap, — says the head of the restoration work artist Michael Simagin. — Also on the remains of frescoes dress the girl in the foreground was red.

As a result, the picture looks the same as in 1953. The only thing that is not understood whether on the banner shows Lenin and Stalin or Lenin. On older pictures this piece closed canopy.

Recreate the picture more than a year. Not to obstruct the movement at the station, fenced plot width of two meters, so that the artists could see their work from a distance. As a result, they have created a plywood mock-up in the studio, simulating lighting plant, cut it into pieces and since they make rubbings.

To panels survived longer, he offered to make a mosaic, but the Heritage Committee has rejected this option. In the end, decided to use the old facade.

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