At the Leningrad Prospekt in Moscow, a new road junction

November 24 officially commissioned transport interchange at the intersection of the Leningrad avenue with street Seregina. This was "RG" said Capital Construction Department.


The opening of the interchange was the completion of the reconstruction of the Leningrad Prospect Running from the street to the subway station "Sokol". The work here began in February 2006. During this time, managed to equip the 9.67 km of roads for the convenience of residents to build five off-street pedestrian crossings, noise barriers, and in the nearby houses to install noise-reducing windows 9609. In February 2007, it was started up car traffic on the newly constructed tunnel on Leningrad Prospect in the streets Seregina in the Travel Palace. Well above the tunnel was opened to transportation to the Ice Palace on Khodynka with the local road network — neighborhoods near the Travel Palace, hosted by the reversal move.

All of the work took place in the framework of the "Big Leningradka." Recall, according to the reconstruction plan, the road from the capital to become fully MKAD bessvetofornoy. At the Leningrad highway will be nine lanes at the exit of Moscow and eight of entry that will nearly double the capacity of highways. Roadwork will affect Tverskaya Street, Leningrad Prospect, Leningrad highway and three areas — Pushkin, Arc and Tverskaya Zastava.
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The works, which are carried out in a Leningrad present:

— Construction of the interchange of Leningrad and Volokolamsk highway in the metro "Falcon";

— The construction of an overpass at the intersection of the streets and the Baltic B. Academic and Riga direction MOR;

— Construction Halabyan-Baltic tunnel that runs under the Leningrad prospectus, two traffic tunnels (on Volokolamke and Leningradke) and Zamoskvoretskaya metro line, connecting streets Alabjana and more academic. The movement in the tunnel will have three lanes in each direction.

Completion is scheduled for 2013.

In the next year, experts will begin reconstruction of 5-km section of the Leningrad highway from the metro station "Sokol" to Moscow. They will arrange the understudy of the Leningrad highway (2 km), zaezdnyh pockets and equip six off-street pedestrian crossings.

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